Weed Games to Keep you Warm and Smiling Over the Winter Holidays

It’s game time!

With winter fast approaching we’ll soon be battening down the hatches and socializing indoors. Nobody will be passing joints back and forth like the old days, but there are all kinds of socially stoned activities that will keep you warm and smiling through the winter holidays, and that includes the games below.





Charades can be played with as few as four people, but it’s even more fun in larger groups, especially when you’re stoned. Divide your group into two equal teams and pick one person from each team to go first. That person has to act out a word or phrase (no talking allowed) and their team has one-minute to guess what it is. If they guess correctly, they get a point. Then it’s the other team’s turn. With the right words and phrases – penguin, jelly donut, cat washing, hangover, scatter brain – this game can result in some fall-down laughing moments. Pro Tip: Penguin is easier than cat washing.




A hidden gem, Balderdash is a bluffing game that has been around forever. Some of you will remember the original 1984 version, but the new version is even better and now includes five categories and a game board. A player draws a card with a strange word – like funduck, banghwallah or furcatorium – and the other players have to write down what they think it means. All answers are submitted and read aloud, along with the correct answer on the card. Players have to guess which definition is correct to score a point. Descriptions written by stoners can be rare beauties. Warning: You cannot play this game stoned without laughing.


Bong Pong AKA Vape/Joint Pong

Bong Pong

We borrowed this game from a list of stoner games at WikiLeaf.com, but you already know what it is – beer pong with weed instead of beer. And in the age of COVID-19 everyone should have their own joint rolled or their own vape handy instead of one bong for the group. You’ll need a long table and at least a dozen ping pong balls and Red Solo Cups, as you’re sure to step on some or lose them. Arrange three cups in a triangle formation at each end of the table. Your goal is to bounce the balls from one end of the table to the other and get them into the cups. Every time you sink a ball in a cup, the cup gets removed from the game and you take a toke. When all the cups are gone, you win. Note: This game is more fun if you’re high before you start, but you’ll sink way less balls.


Cruis'n Blast

If you’re into video games, you’ll love this Nintendo Switch Arcade Game, which also happens to have the same name as two of our most popular Delta 9 Vape Cartridges, Cruise and Blast (which will be back in stock just before the holidays). Now that we’ve got that out of the way, this new release is making a huge positive impression on Nintendo Switch owners with its easy-to-play, nostalgic arcade game style. Just press the gas button and hang on over a ridiculously over-the-top series of high-octane tracks that include night racing, storm racing, helicopter attacks and stomping dinosaurs while driving a 1959 corvette, a UFO or a firetruck, among other crazy-good rides. Wondering if it’s worth the trip? Read the Cruis’n Blast Review. User Comment: “Hell, yeah it’s worth it! This game has replaced Mario Kart 8 at parties.”




Sometimes stoners don't want to play games with others. They just want to take a break and do something relaxing and peaceful by themselves. Everdale covers both and offers super chill gameplay on iPhones and Android devices. Released in a limited number of countries including Canada, Everdale is catching on fast among those looking for an alternative to shoot-and-loot, combat and war games. It bills itself as a “peaceful building game based on cooperation and friendship.” You can play with friends and grow a village in a lush utopian community, building a society based on wits and cooperation. Farm and garden, collect and craft, trade, sell, and explore new worlds, all while making the one in your head a better place. Welcome to Everdale!


Mall Madness

Mall Madness

Mall Madness has been called the “king of weed board games” by some, and not just because you get to build a mall and go on shopping sprees. The hilarious voices on the 1989 version of this game will make you laugh as soon as you hear them and bring back fond memories of hanging out at the mall stoned eating fries and ice cream. If you can find the older version of this game, that’s the one you want, but there is a 2020 version that got 4.7 out of five stars from over 3,000 reviews on Amazon. You’ll probably want to set it up and read the directions before you smoke one, but it’s worth it – this game is just pure silliness on all fronts. Watch the Backwards Compatibles play Mall Madness in 2014 and imagine the possibilities. The next Mall Madness video could be yours. You might get famous!

Regardless of your preference, playing weed games (or any games!) when you're stoned can provide endless hours of fun and satisfy your social cravings this holiday season. Remember to always consume responsibly, no matter what the game.

Ready, set, play!

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