Bet You Never Thought You’d See This! Hash Goes Mainstream

It only took a thousand years, but hash is now a mainstream cannabis product that is quickly finding its way into the minds of cannabis consumers. And for good reason.

This is not your ancient ancestor’s legacy hash.

State-of-the-art production methods have made today’s hash far more potent than that which was first mentioned in history 10 centuries ago, and the strict scientific testing required by legalization over a year ago have made it contaminant free.

Delta 9 Onyx Hash

Powerful, Full-Plant Effects

Considered a delicacy among cannabis connoisseurs, hash is created by extracting, compressing and processing the trichomes found on the cannabis plant, which contain all the cannabinoids, terpenes and flavonoids that produce the effects, smells and tastes you’ve grown to love.

Much more concentrated than dried cannabis flower, modern hash always has a THC content of at least 30%, and in some varieties much higher, but it also provides a full-bodied plant experience, which results in a richer, more powerful high.

“Think of the cannabis trichome as being like a grape,” said Daniel Bean, Customer Care and Sales Manager at Delta 9. “You can extract juice from the grape and have all sorts of wonderful concentrations as high as 99% pure alcohol, but you leave behind the whole grape. When you squeeze and press the whole grape you get an extremely delightful full-bodied product packed with flavour, along with an enjoyable buzz. The same goes for hash. Unlike other concentrates, hash uses the ‘whole grape’ trichome so-to-speak, to capture the pure essence of the cannabis plant. This results in a highly pleasurable experience that dates backs centuries, just like wine.”

Canna Farms Bubble Hash

Consumption Made Simple

By far the most common method of consuming hash is with a bong or a pipe, but you can also break it up and mix it with your dried cannabis flower and roll it into a joint; place a chunk of hash on the cherry of a lit cigarette; or simply sprinkle it on the end of a joint. And who could forget good old bottle toking and hot knifing.

For bottle toking you need a clean water bottle with a lid on it. Cut a small cigarette-sized hole in the bottom of the bottle, place a chunk of hash on the cherry of a lit cigarette and insert it into the hole. When the bottle fills up with smoke, remove the cigarette, cover the hole at the bottom, take the lid off and inhale.

You can also use a water bottle cut in half for hot knifing, but it’s not required. Being extremely careful when hot knifing is definitely required. First you have to find a safe place to heat up your knives until they’re glowing red hot. Traditionally people would use an old-style stove-top burner with an element, but those are tough to find now. Instead, everything from blowtorches to BBQs are being used. Once the knives are heated up, place the hash between them. When the hash starts to smoke, use the half water bottle to capture the smoke, take the lid off and inhale. No bottle? Just inhale.

Every hash aficionado has at least one funny hot knifing story. Like the imaginative chef who stuck their knives and hash into the broiler of a commercial kitchen during a busy lunch hour and ended up sitting blissfully blitzed on the sauce pails in the back of the storage room. Luckily, the valiant assistants got the lunches out, but we obviously don’t recommend hot knifing at work.

Jonny Chronic – Cherry Bomb Bubble Hash

Hash for the Holidays

Delta 9 now offers 10 varieties of hash from eight different brands, including the popular Delta 9 Onyx Hash and Canna Farms Bubble Hash, as well as Jonny Chronic – Cherry Bomb Bubble Hash, Tantalus Labs – Dry Sift Hash, Hiway Hash, Hank – Mid THC Bubble Hash and High THC Bubble Hash, Good Buds – Neptune Island Hash, and Original Stash – OS.Hash Indica, with more new brands arriving regularly.

Just in time for the holidays!

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