Delta 9 Gift Guide - Manager’s Choice!

Jennifer Gingras, assistant manager at our Delta 9 Kenaston store

It’s that time of year again! We won’t be able to see each other, hug each other, or even get near each other as much as we’d like to, but we still get to give things to people we love – something to warm their hearts and let them know how much they mean to us. What could be better than that? We asked some of our Delta 9 store managers for their favourite gift ideas and they came up with something for everyone on your list!

“I’d have to go with the Ho-Ho Holiday Bundle for $25,” said Delta 9 St. Vital store manager Scott Strizic. “It’s the best stocking stuffer of 2020. You won’t find a better deal anywhere. It not only includes two Tweed chocolates, two Tweed drinks and 3.5 grams of Blue Venom cannabis, it also includes an actual stocking! We’ve also got chocolates, cookies and gummies in all kinds of flavours like cherry, mango, watermelon, pineapple and more. Treats for everybody!”

Delta 9 Cannabis Store – Ho Ho Holiday Bundle

Ho-Ho Holiday Bundle – the best stocking stuffer of 2020!

“The Tweed Drink Special is an excellent deal for $7.99,” said Delta 9 Osborne store manager Donnie Smith. “It’s a really nice gift for someone who has never tried cannabis beverages before, and they’re perfect for people who don’t like to smoke. There are two sativas and two indicas with two mg of THC per can. They’re usually about $3.50 each, so that’s more than 40% off.

“And for someone who likes beer but would rather not have alcohol in it, we’ve got MOLLO beer with equal amounts of THC and CBD in it. We’ve got MOLLO 2.5 and MOLLO 5, as well fruity beverages and sparkling drinks in a variety of flavours such as Lemon and Lime, Dragon Fruit, Tropical Fruit, Passion Fruit and Mango. Or how about a high-quality cannabis tea? Drinks make great stocking stuffers! There’s even a CBD tea if someone doesn’t want to get high. Green Peace Tea has CBD and no THC. A lot of people say it really calms the nerves, very relaxing.

Veryvell Drops

MOLLO Beer also makes a great stocking stuffer!

“Veryvell drops are popular right now too, and there are three different kinds, Yawn (11-15 mg THC), Exhale (13-15 mg CBD) and Tingle (7-8 mg THC and 7-8 mg CBD). You can add them to whatever your favourite drink might be, hot or cold, because they're flavourless and odorless. What’s really nice about the drops is that you can rate the amount of THC or CBD you want to consume. You can start low and go slow. It’s a great deal with about 800 drops in a bottle for $57.75.”

Veryvell Drops

Veryvell Drops can be added to whatever your favourite drink might be, hot or cold!

Jennifer Gingras, assistant manager at our Delta 9 Kenaston store, had more than a few gift ideas.

“My pick is the Pop-up Pre-Roll Promo from 7ACRES and Tweed for $40,” said Jennifer. “You’re actually saving $37. It includes six one-gram pre-rolls and quite a variety too, with Sunset, Lemon Skunk, Baker Street, Sensi Star, White Widow and a TWD plain packaging pre-roll. It’s a combination of sativas and indicas, so there’s something for everyone. They’re awesome stocking stuffers at a great price. Blazing through the snow, six pre-rolls to go!”

7ACRES/Tweed – Pop-up Pre-roll Promo

7ACRES/Tweed Pop-up Pre-roll Promo – get six one gram pre-rolls for only $40!

Along with some new Delta 9 gear, Jennifer also suggested scented candles, many of which are on sale right now. Some are marked down from $29.99 to $17 and there are new arrivals that start at $14. But perhaps her favourite (and most popular) gifts were the new Roast and Toast Coffee Mugs that double as cannabis pipes.

“You can have your coffee and smoke a bowl on Christmas morning,” she said. “How awesome is that!”


Scented Candles – starting at only $14!

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