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It’s true! Wine o’clock has some heavy competition these days… Weed O’Clock! Not that this is surprising to anyone familiar with the recent cannabis industry boom due to legalization, but what does that really mean for women? Has legalization changed how they view pot? How they consume it? What about how society views women who partake?

What are women doing?

More and more women are becoming part of the recent trend towards skipping an end-of-the-day drink in favour of a little THC/CBD to wind down. They are discovering how cannabis can help shut off any negative thoughts leftover from their day and help them relax. Some are discovering how it can even add a boost in the bedroom. When asking women about their experiences with cannabis these days, more often than not they seem to be saying a lot of the same things.

The recurring theme is that for many women, a few hoots or maybe an edible at the end of the day or the week has helped them achieve their Zen moment, a way to de-stress from all the things in their lives demanding the bulk of their attention, to take a moment to focus on themselves.

As an added bonus, they’re finding that pot can make even the most mundane tasks around the house more enjoyable. For example, Mary Jane recommends a SHRED’EMS POP! – Root Beer Blast Gummies, a great tasting edible that can help make for a fun laundry time experience, or invigorate any other boring chore around the house. Others prefer the subtle effects of the Delta 9 Harmony 510 vape cart for relaxing with a book or a game, or as an especially helpful aid to sleep. Another option women are talking about is CBD creams and patches, which are starting to become an essential tool in helping cope with the more physical pains of womanhood. More and more women are using cannabis these days and sharing their experiences, and while they’re not quite ready to shout from the rooftops, their voices are getting louder.

SHRED’EMS POP! – Root Beer Blast Gummies

SHRED’EMS POP! Root Beer Blast Gummies are a great tasting edible that can help invigorate any boring chore around the house.

What are women saying?

Researching online to find out what it is that women are really saying about cannabis these days, your browser will be filled with all types of articles from various sources.

Mary Jane offers the following suggested readings to get you started:

  1. The EveryMom’s Is Weed the New Wine? Why Moms Are Swapping Chardonnay for CBD takes a comparative look at Wine O’Clock culture and its underlying causes, and how it compares to the trend towards CBD as an alternative.
  2. NBC Business News’ article The future of cannabis is female: Gen Z women are fastest-growing consumers of legal weed primarily discusses how marketing, packaging and lab-tested products are helping younger women feel safer when they choose to partake.
  3. Variety’s Women of Weed: 13 Women Pushing the Budding Marijuana Industry Forward takes a look at a lineup of very impressive women! They are passionate growers, CEOs, marketing VPs, lawyers, etc. All working hard to promote both the industry and helping to tear down stigmas around women and cannabis.
  4. Best Health’s Can Cannabis Help Kick-Start My Sex Drive? takes both a personal and scientific look at what weed can do for women’s sexual health. Some of the hows and the whys pot can be a benefit to women in the bedroom.
  5. If you’re looking for something in an alternate format, you can try a podcast about women and pot. It’s an exciting find, something made BY women, especially FOR women. Listen to a few of their episodes, it’s definitely something any woman delving into the intricate realm of marijuana might want to check out! HOW TO DO THE POT PODCAST has over 150 episodes so far, with topics ranging from anecdotal stories about first times buying or using, interviews of women forging a path in the industry, how women are using cannabis as treatments for pain and illness, favorite strains, and basics on how to use pot.
Delta 9 – Harmony Vape – Cartridge 510

Some prefer the subtle effects of the Delta 9 Harmony 510 vape cart for relaxing with a book or a game, or as an especially helpful aid to sleep.

What does all this mean?

In a nutshell, it means that instead of visiting the liquor store, more women are heading to their local Delta 9 Cannabis Store and asking their staff for recommendations. With all of the various options these days from smoking and vaping to edibles and cannabis beverages, there really is something for everyone.

Furthermore, any woman nervous about their first (or next) visit, can rest assured that the friendly and knowledgeable Delta 9 staff will walk them through absolutely everything and will take the time to explain what the products are, and what is likely best to suit their needs.

  Delta 9 Cannabis
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