Where Are You on Your Cannabis Journey?

Where are you on your cannabis journey?

Where are you on your cannabis journey?

Likely somewhere on the seven-decade trip that 90-year-old former philosophy teacher Christine Holloway took. Or maybe you’re on the wine to weed trail that The Herb Somm founder Jamie Evans wandered along. And even if you’re still in the smoke-filled car parked on the boulevard in Up In Smoke, one of the greatest stoner movies of all time, well, that’s okay too.

The important thing is that you’re enjoying the ride!

We’ve come along way from the free love days of the 60s and 70s when the average THC content in cannabis was 3-4%, which was probably all you needed with bands like Led Zeppelin rocking you into oblivion. In 1995, the average THC content was still at only at 4%, but the music wasn’t nearly as good.

Fast forward to 2020 and THC content has skyrocketed to over 30% in some cases, with the average coming in somewhere between 14 and 18 percent. All the music sounds good now. And high-end cannabis accessories have followed suit.

Accessories started to get much better after cannabis was legalized for medical use in Canada in 2001. That event coaxed numerous cannabis pros out of their hiding places, not just to show off their wares, but also their growing skills, which found further demand when cannabis became legal for recreational use in our great country on October 17, 2018.

Delta 9 Cannabis – CBD Skunk Haze

CBD Skunk Haze – Delta 9 Cannabis

In the same time frame, demand for CBD, the second (first for some) most important cannabinoid found in the cannabis plant, also exploded. The market for CBD products is expected to reach a staggering $24 billion in 2024. Medical cannabis is now being prescribed for almost every type of ailment imaginable, and CBD has made its way into the pharmaceutical, food and beverage, and beauty and skin care industries, among others.

Additionally, a recent study cited in Forbes magazine stated that CBD consumers are an average age of 40, have higher education, and are more likely than non-consumers to be employed full time. It’s incredible how far we have come in such a short time.

Long gone are the days of using scratched up plastic bongs in your buddy’s basement and sneaking off into hidden places to smoke a doobie in the darkness. Unless you want to, of course. Despite all the high-end accessories available to cannabis consumers now, hundreds of thousands of cannabis consumers still just love the simple pleasure of smoking a joint.

For many however, modern cannabis consumption has moved into whole new era. Rolling papers are exceptional, many and varied; bongs and pipes are economical and of much higher quality; slick, modern vaporizers have become a popular and discreet choice for many; and storage options have expanded to meet the demand of consumers who like to have a variety of cannabis strains in their stash; something for every occasion. They take the labels off their cannabis purchases and put them on the container for each specific strain.

Premium 5 Live Resin Caviar – The market for whole plant extracts is really starting to heat up

Consumers are also rapidly becoming educated to the fact that there is much more to the cannabis experience than high THC content. Many have already experimented with higher CBD percentages and are now looking much closer at strain-specific terpene profiles, each of which can provide a different, and often deeper, more pleasurable high. It all depends on body chemistry.

Those who have figured out which strains work best for socializing, relaxing, watching a movie, sleeping and anything else you might imagine, are now starting to look at the newly available edibles and drinkables and are trying their hand at cooking with cannabis.

Vape pens and concentrates have become very popular, and while pure THC extracts such as shatter are attractive to experienced consumers, the market for whole plant extracts such as Premium 5 - Live Resin Caviar is really starting to heat up.

“Everyone is raving about it,” said Daniel Bean, Delta 9 Customer Care & Sales Manager. “Typically, with something like Live Resin, the whole plant is frozen very quickly, which locks in all the flavours, the moisture and the terpenes. The resulting extract is flavourful, aromatic, and powerful. It’s the whole plant experience.”

Have you been there yet?

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