What have you been smoking? And eating, drinking and vaping?

A rundown of the most popular cannabis products in our stores

Pre-rolls, vapes, edibles, oils, sprays, concentrates, softgels, beverages, topicals, milled flower and more!

Enough choices to make your head spin!

When cannabis first became legal the only thing you could really do is smoke it. Unless of course, you were making brownies and assorted goodies at home on your own. That’s all changed now. You have enough legal consumption choices to make your head spin.

You’ll always have dried flower you can roll up and smoke in a much-loved joint, but you’ve also got pre-rolls, vapes, edibles, oils, sprays, concentrates, softgels, beverages, topicals, kief and more that we (and maybe you too!) haven’t even got to yet.

Not only are customers asking us about what’s new, they’re also curious as to what others are trying. It’s human nature. So what is everyone else doing? The answers may or may not surprise you.

Dried Flower is King of The Hill

While Cannabis 2.0 products are gaining traction as people start to expand their horizons and experiment, dried flower still reigns supreme. Using total sales as a rough guideline, 52% of you prefer to buy dried flower as is, while another 20% of you prefer the convenience of pre-rolls and 15% of you love your vapes.

Oils, sprays, edibles, beverages, concentrates, extracts, capsules and softgels make up about 11% of your preferences, and non-liquid beverages, topicals and milled flower make up the remainder.

Sativa or Indica?

In the dried flower category, indica strains are the slight faves with a market share of about 46%, compared with sativa strains at 42% popularity and hybrids making up the remaining 12-14%. It seems more people just want to relax and chill rather than bubble around, and that makes sense considering the pandemic restrictions over the past year.

Dried flower and pre-rolls still reign supreme!

Between 50-70% of you prefer to buy your dried flower in increments of 3.5 grams and 10% purchase seven-gram increments, but 17-32% of you buy 14 grams at a time, signifying you know what you love and you’re sticking with it.

THC and Price Two Biggest Decision Factors

Higher THC (over 17%) strains account for 87% of dried flower purchases, but that number drops to 60-70% for pre-rolls. Strains with THC levels between 11-17% make up about 10% of dried flower purchases and around 36% of pre-roll purchases. And strains with THC as the dominant cannabinoid make up 98.9% of all dried flower buys when compared to balanced or CBD strains.

Lower prices continue to be a major factor in purchase decisions, with 25-40% of all dried flower purchases coming in at $5.00 per gram or less, although $5.00 to $6.00 per gram is also popular at between 14-20%.

Cannabis 2.0 Products

With regards to extracts and concentrates, pre-filled vape cartridges are easily the most popular item, accounting for almost 60% of sales, followed by oils and disposable vape pens at approximately 10%. Softgels and oral sprays each account for about six percent of sales in this category, followed by vape kits and ice hash at three percent and live ice hash and rosin at 0.8-2.5%.

5/10 Vape Cartridges are the most popular products in the Cannabis 2.0 category.

In contrast to the relative balance between sativa and indica dominant strains in dried flower sales, vape sales are dominated by sativa dominant strains and hybrids at 34-38% each, followed by indica dominant strains at 21-27%. Over 60% of vape products purchased had a THC level of 600-800 mg/gram and 30% were at 800 mg/gram or higher. 5/10 thread cartridges were by far the most popular at 75% followed by disposable vapes at approximately 15%. Strains with THC as the dominant cannabinoid also led all vape sales at 94%.

The same was true of edibles, as products with THC as the dominant cannabinoid accounted for 70-75% of sales as compared to 13-21% for those with a balanced profile and 8-12% for those with a CBD dominant profile.

The preference for THC was true in all product categories except for oils and sprays. In this category, CBD or balanced cannabinoid profiles were preferred, with each coming in at 40-45% of sales compared to 13-18% for THC dominant profiles. Oral sprays were the most popular item in this category, accounting for 70-75% of sales, and the most popular strength was 20-25 mg/mL, which accounted for 40% of all sales.

In summary, we’re seeing an increase in the popularity of all Cannabis 2.0 products and also in lower THC strains that can deliver both powerful and functional highs based on whole plant chemistry, superior genetics, high-quality growing environments, terpene profiles and each person’s unique endocannabinoid system. The majority of you, however, are telling us you want high THC strains at low prices.

Delta 9 will continue to deliver on both fronts.

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