What Cannabis Product Erupted in the Year 2000? The VOLCANO CLASSIC!

The VOLCANO CLASSIC vaporizer erupted on the cannabis scene in 2000. It was the first product developed by STORZ & BICKEL and it immediately set the quality standard for all vaporizers on the market today.

In 1996, Markus Storz came across an article suggesting that herbs did not necessarily have to be burned. They could be inhaled in a gentler way, by means of vaporization. He was immediately captivated by the idea and built himself a vaporizer using a glass pipe and a hot air gun. The mode of operation convinced him immediately, but the heat gun construction was laborious, so Storz decided to build a device that would simplify the usage, and the VOLCANO CLASSIC was born.

Considered both recreational and medicinal, the VOLCANO was critical to advancing the medical use of cannabis. It was a new safer alternative to smoking and it was easy to use and clean. The VOLCANO immediately impressed with its robust and purely electromechanical design, high quality materials and craftsmanship that guaranteed a long working life, and STORZ & BICKEL started manufacturing devices for the North American market in 2003.

STORZ & BICKEL America Inc. was founded in 2005, with headquarters in Oakland, California. They were the first company worldwide to certify a herbal vaporizer for medical use and launched the VOLCANO MEDIC in 2010. The next major growth spurt came in 2014 with the development of two new portable vaporizers, the MIGHTY (see below) and the CRAFTY.

Sales and employee numbers doubled and in 2018 Canopy Growth, the parent company for Tweed/TWD, bought STORZ & BICKEL. The transaction brought together the world's most technologically advanced vaporizer company and the world's leading cannabis company.

STORZ & BICKEL – Mighty vaporizer

Two Technologies Combined!

The MIGHTY is the Ferrari of portable vaporizers, utilizing a patented combination of full hot air convection heating and additional conduction, which ensures efficient vaporization from the very first draw.

Convection vaporizers draw air into intake vents, which is then heated and passed through the herb or concentrate in the device bowl. The hot air activates the material, pulling out the desired compounds such as cannabinoids and terpenes, which are then inhaled through the vapor. Conduction vaporizers make use of direct heat contact to heat up their content. This principle is similar to boiling water on a cooker.

The MIGHTY is both technologies combined!

Powerful, easy to use, consistent, cleanable and good-looking, the unit heats up quickly and is whisper quiet. With built-In dual lithium-ion batteries, the MIGHTY provides about 90 minutes of use per charge, and thanks to built-in pass-through charging, it can also be used while charging.

Always found on Top 10 vaporizer lists, the pure love for the MIGHTY vaporizer has resulted in over 300 5-star reviews on Google alone.

Highly recommended.

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