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Are you a Ganja Guru, a Budding Pothead, Weedster Wannabee or Reefer Rookie?

Take Our Stoner Cannabis Quiz!

We’ve put together a list of fun questions to test your cannabis knowledge. Find out where you rank on our scale from Ganja Guru to Reefer Rookie. Not that it matters, of course, lots of us are still Weedster Wannabees and we’ve had some great trips!

If you get 13 or more answers right, you’re definitely a weed aficionado and have earned the rank of Ganja Guru! If you answer between nine and 12 questions correctly, you’re a true Budding Pothead and could be promoted soon. If you score between five and eight, there’s definitely more work to do but you’re an aspiring Weedster Wannabee. And, if you can only answer between zero and four correctly, you’re a total Reefer Rookie, which means you can only get higher!

There are no penalties for wrong answers, unless you get them all wrong, in which case you were probably too stoned to realize you were taking a quiz anyway. The answer key is at the end.

1. What does it mean to hot box?

  1. take a sauna with friends
  2. set a cardboard box on fire
  3. smoke a joint in an enclosed space with no ventilation
  4. smoke a joint in a hot tub surrounded by aliens

2. What does the word “spliff” mean?

  1. Guitar solo
  2. Cannabis edible
  3. Cannabis beverage
  4. Cannabis joint

3. What are moon rocks?

  1. rocks you brought home from the moon
  2. rocks you thought you brought home from the moon
  3. candy that pops and sizzles in your mouth
  4. cannabis drenched in hash oil and coated in kief

4. What are terpenes?

  1. aromatic oils
  2. a type of cannabis strain
  3. a type of cannabinoid
  4. nutrients for the plant

5. What is a bogart?

  1. someone who looks like a Humphrey
  2. a person who won’t pass the joint
  3. something you don’t want to be when you grow up
  4. the opposite of a Hogwart

6. What is a bubbler?

  1. a person who blows bubbles for a living
  2. a cannabis pipe with a water reservoir in it
  3. someone who makes their own all-natural bubble baths
  4. a stoner who can’t sit still

7. What are the munchies?

  1. the creatures that eat everything in your video games
  2. half-brothers to the Goonies
  3. the mad cravings you get for snack food when you’re high
  4. a new brand of potato chips

8. What is a pinner?

  1. a person who loves posting on Pinterest
  2. a ghost that squeezes through key holes
  3. a super-skinny joint
  4. a golfer who hits the pin

9. What does THC stands for?

  1. Tetrishyrdocanna
  2. Tetrahydrocannabinol
  3. Tetrohydrocanabinus
  4. Totally High Cannabis

10. What is a dugout?

  1. a big hole in the ground with muddy water in it
  2. your cousin’s swimming pool
  3. a container that has a one-hitter and ground cannabis in it
  4. what was left when you couldn’t find the treasure

11. What is a clone?

  1. a copy of yourself that can go to work for you
  2. a copy of someone else who can go to work for you
  3. a clipping from a cannabis plant used to grow similar
  4. one of the military troopers in Star Wars

12. When passing the bong to a friend, you should always make sure to:

  1. sing into it like a microphone
  2. cover the mouth opening with your hand
  3. pretend to drop it
  4. clear the chamber

13. What is dabbing?

  1. a new trendy dance move
  2. pressing the end of a joint against the rolling tray
  3. inhaling concentrates in the form of vapor
  4. when you’re “done and baked”

14. Which concentrate uses a method of freezing the fresh cannabis plant for its extraction process?

  1. Shatter
  2. Badder
  3. Hashish
  4. Live Resin

15. What is the endocannabinoid system?

  1. fertigation system Delta 9 uses to feed their plants
  2. complex scoring system to grade cannabis quality
  3. biological system of neurotransmitters and cannabinoid receptors
  4. world’s most expensive bong

Answers: 1.c  2.d  3.d  4.a  5.b  6.b  7.c  8.c  9.b  10.c  11.c  12.d  13.c  14.d  15.c


Your Score:

  • 13 or more – You’re definitely a weed aficionado and have earned the rank of Ganja Guru!
  • 9-12 – You’re a true Budding Pothead and could be promoted soon.
  • 5-8 – There’s definitely more work to do but you’re an aspiring Weedster Wannabee.
  • 0-4 – You’re a total Reefer Rookie, which means you can only get higher!
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