Last Minute Cannabis Gift Ideas from Delta 9!

Jessica Curle – Delta 9 Osborne Jessica Curle – Delta 9 Osborne


Searching for last-minute gifts? We’ve got you covered with the largest variety of cannabis flower and accessories in Manitoba, at the best prices! And if this time of year stresses you out, we’ve got something for that too.

If you’re looking for an excellent holiday strain, check out The Leviathan. “It’s a really complex indica,” said Jeff Konwalchuk, Cannabis Specialist at our Delta 9 Kenaston Store. “It’s 29-30% THC and only $30 for 3.5 grams. It’s the best thing I’ve seen for $30 ever since I’ve worked here and I’ve been at this store since the beginning. Everyone in the neighborhood is kind of bumping around high on it now. Any weed smoker would be happy to get this in their stocking. It's fantastic!”

Monica Clace, Cannabis Specialist at our Delta 9 St. Vital Store, recommended LA Kush Cake. “It’s heavy Indica strain and very flavourful,” said Clace. “It’s also very potent. People like it for aches and pains, depression and better sleep.”

Highland-Grow – The Leviathan

With 29-30% THC, any weed smoker would be happy to get The Leviathan in their stocking!

If sativa is your pleasure, Jessica Curle, Keyholder at the Delta 9 Osborne Store, suggested Platinum Cookies from Palmetto. “Platinum Cookies is a cross between Durban Poison and OG Kush,” said Curle. “I find it’s a really nice sativa type. And if you don't want to have the munchies really bad, it’s perfect.”

Once you find the strain you’re looking for, pick up one of the special Delta 9 Rolling Bundles and you’re on your way. “They have everything you need, “said Nick Delaney, Keyholder at the Delta 9 Kenaston Store. “It’s a great deal for $22.39 including tax.”

If you’re shopping in-store you’ll find even more cannabis accessories – scented candles, vaporizers, cool bongs, pipes, clothing, edibles and more, and don’t forget your destress escape plan!

Palmetto – Platinum Cookies If you don't want to have the munchies really bad, Platinum Cookies is perfect!


Pamper Yourself with a Cannabis Spa Session!

The holidays can be a happy time, but they can also be stressful, and we’ve got the perfect solution for you – a cannabis spa session! The explosion of cannabis wellness-related products, especially on the CBD side, now provides everything you need to pamper yourself into stress-free oblivion.

“You are your own wellness now,” said Delta 9 Cannabis Specialist Bob Hanson. “For most people CBD acts as an anti-stressor, it provides a sense of calmness. Cannabis products now allow you to create an experience perfectly tailored just for you. You can take a cannabis bath bomb and combine it with Epsom salts, essential oils and candles or incense and the next thing you know you’ve had an experience that makes you feel like you’ve been at a spa all day.”

The first thing you’ll need to create your cannabis spa treatment is a Bath Bomb from Eve & Co. You’ll also need scented candles or incense, your favourite cannabis strain, edibles or drinks, and just the right music to set the mood.

Delta 9 carries everything you need for a stress-free cannabis spa session! Delta 9 carries everything you need for a stress-free cannabis spa session!


You’ve had tougher decisions to make, but it’s always best to do your spa prep work before you get stoned. You don’t want to be dropping your candles into the bathtub. If you’re getting high before slipping into the tub, make sure to know your limits. And after your bath, you’ll want to apply some soothing topical creams or oils.

“There are all kinds of cannabis topicals available now,” said Jennifer Gingras, Delta 9 Northgate Store Manager. “We have massage oils, body lotions, lip balms, face creams and more. You could do a whole beauty day with what’s available now.

“Many of the products are CBD dominant, but some have THC in them too. People buy both the bath bombs and body creams for sore muscles. CBD gummies can extend the experience after a bath and if you want to add a CBD strain, Ace Valley’s Great White Shark now comes in pinner packs.”

If you’re trying a cannabis spa treatment for the first time, make sure you’re in a safe environment and remember, always Start Low and Go Slow. Now slide into your bath and watch your troubles evaporate.

Because you deserve it.

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