First Wave of Canadian Craft Cannabis On Its Way to Delta 9 Stores!

Manitoba micro-cultivation partner Cypress Craft Cannabis first to be on shelves in November

Bryce (left) and Brett Oliver. Proud Manitoba producers. Cypress Craft Cannabis.

Bryce (left) and Brett Oliver. Proud Manitoba producers. Cypress Craft Cannabis.

The first wave of craft cannabis is about to be unveiled in Canada and Delta 9 is leading the way with several key partners including Manitoba’s Cypress Craft Cannabis, which is expected to have two high-THC strains – Mandarin Cookies and Ice Cream Cake – on Delta 9 shelves in November.

Started by fourth-generation Manitoba mixed farmers Brett (27) and Bryce (24) Oliver, Cypress Craft will be the first of over a dozen micro-cultivation partners to see their homegrown cannabis in Delta 9 stores.

From Medical to Retail, a Cannabis Journey

The industrious brothers from the Municipality of North Cypress-Langford began their cannabis journey when Bryce got a medical licence for growing cannabis about five years ago.

“Cannabis helped me with insomnia and other things like stress, pain and back issues,” said Bryce. “And I was always interested in it, so it just seemed like a good fit. We did a lot of research online, started following growers and learned as we went.

“We looked at all the different perspectives, what people were growing and what they were talking about, and we began to figure what would work best. We grew a 1-to-1 THC and CBD strain and it really helped for my pain issues. We found indica strains that were good for insomnia, and we grew a Blue Dream CBD strain that also worked great for pain.”

When recreational cannabis was legalized in Canada two years ago and micro-cultivation licences became available, the brothers saw an opportunity. They already knew they could grow quality cannabis and Delta 9 had just what they needed to get started.

Micro-Cultivation Partner Program the First and Only of its Kind in Canada

Delta 9’s Micro-Cultivation Partner Program was the first and only program of its kind in Canada to offer a turnkey solution for craft growers. The A-to-Z program included everything a partner needed to get started including proprietary Delta 9 Grow Pods, facility design and setup, consultation on compliance and licensing, coaching on growing and harvesting for commercial purposes, and perhaps the most important part of the program, the sale of the finished product.

“It’s a very unique program,” said Kelsey Friesen, Director of Pod Sales and Micro-Cultivation at Delta 9. “And because we’re vertically integrated, we can offer partners a turnkey business solution including Health Canada application and licensing consulting, facility design, growing assistance, packaging/bottling services and the ability to take their product from seed to sale with our retail network of stores.

Cypress Craft collaborates regularly with Delta 9 to ensure that their growing methodologies are first rate. They admitted there was a learning curve at the start, but now that they have their first strains harvested, things are getting easier.

A Passion for Learning and Growing

Cypress Craft has had three excellent harvests so far, but they’re continually striving for better.

“As a craft grower you have to pay attention to every detail to make it successful,” said Brett. “We’re learning something every day with every new strain we grow. There’s quite a bit of work involved, but we enjoy it. We like cannabis.

“We’re pretty happy, and our friends and family are excited about it too. It’s a brand-new industry, we thought it would be a good thing to go after, and so far it has worked out well.

“We’re now in the process of genotype hunting and we’re just starting some new strains from seed and finding the best phenotypes in each. We want a really good indica and a really good sativa. And something with a more exotic terpene profile. That’s why we tried Kmintz.”

Kmintz. Cypress Craft Cannabis.

Kmintz. Cypress Craft Cannabis.

“These guys come from a great family of successful farmers and they were essential in helping us develop and adjust the whole micro-cultivator partner program,” said Friesen. “They were looking for something they could vertically integrate into their family farm and they are executing tremendously.”

One of the main reasons Cypress Craft decided to partner with Delta 9 was the retail sales agreement. Because Delta 9 is a vertically integrated cannabis company with several retail stores, they are able to offer their micro-cultivation partners a guaranteed outlet to sell their product.

Partners in Delta 9’s Micro-Cultivation Partner Program are located across Canada from B.C. to Newfoundland, but the first one you will see in stores is Cypress Craft.

Proudly powered by Delta 9 and Manitoba grown!

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