A Sweet-toothed Stoner’s Guide to Ice Cream Treats

Ben and Jerry's Cherry Garcia.jpg

The planet is getting warmer and we have to find ways to beat the heat. For stoners, that means ice cream, in all forms and flavours. Below are a few cold, creamy delights that will cool your body and chill your mind just long enough to help you discover new worlds, and maybe even make the planet a better place.

Two Princes: Ben & Jerry’s

The biggest names in the ice cream biz are also some of the tastiest and the most socially conscious. Ben & Jerry’s has a long history of supporting good causes, including the Occupy movement and Rock The Vote. They have also been very vocal against oil drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge and towards Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs).

Maybe that’s why their ice cream tastes so darn good. It doesn’t hurt that one of their flagship flavours was named in honour of Jerry Garcia. It’s hard to imagine a tastier night than sitting down on your living room floor, lighting up a joint, digging into a pint of Cherry Garcia and mellowing out to the music of its namesake.


Snacks on Snacks: Cookie ice cream sandwiches

Chocolate Ice Cream Sandwich Cookies

Seasoned snack connoisseurs know that some of the very best treats involve the Frankenstein-like melding of multiple snacks, and that includes cookie ice cream sandwiches. You can spot them hiding out in the freezers at most corner stores, but there are numerous local ice cream treat makers who make top-tier versions packed with a variety of flavours and crushed between giant homemade cookies.

It might be tough to get all the way home without the cookies and cream melting all over you – or eating it all before you get there – so maybe pack a one-hitter, take a stroll, and let it melt all over your face and fingers until you realize that you need to go back and get another one. Make sure to wash your face before you go back to the store. If that’s not possible, maybe stay home and make your own Chocolate Ice Cream Sandwich Cookies.


A Well-Balanced Meal: The Drumstick


The Drumstick was actually created by accident in 1928, when someone dropped an ice cream cone in liquid chocolate and then put the gooey concoction on a counter covered with peanuts. The result was one of the best ice cream snacks in history.

Ice cream, a hard chocolate shell dipped in peanuts, a dense waffle cone, some caramel or other tasty, semi-liquid sugar blast, and a tiny little heavenly chocolate tip at the very bottom, ensuring that the experience is blissful until the very last bite. Drumsticks come wrapped, so you can enjoy them anywhere, but you might want to power up your appetite with a bong rip before you hit the 7-11.


Ice Cream Sundaes: The Banana Split

Classic Banana Split

If there’s a better-known ice cream sundae than the banana split, we don’t know what it is. We don’t know any stoners who can resist it either. Thought to be invented in 1904 (when it was only 10 cents!), the classic banana split features a slathered mixture of three scoops of ice cream – chocolate, vanilla and strawberry – chocolate syrup, crushed pineapple, strawberry sauce, whipped cream, a banana, cherries, and peanuts or walnuts.

If you really want to get amped up, try this Ultimate Banana Split Recipe, which includes two bananas, homemade hot fudge and strawberry sauce, sprinkles and a few other ingredients you can use your imagination on. Banana splits are great for romance. You’ll need two spoons and a long dish called a banana boat for that, but love is worth it, right? You’ll see.


Tried-and-True Refreshers: Fudgsicles and Freezies

Simple Secret Ingredient Fudgesicles

Fudgsicles are still called Fudgicles by some people, and if someone is teasing you about that, you can tell them that a Fudgicle was actually a real thing, and there’s no difference between the two. They’re both basically creamy chocolate frozen on a stick, although some people actually make healthy Fudgsicles with avocados now, if you’re into that.

Freezies aren’t ice cream, but we included them here for two reasons. One, they’re the same icy jewels that satiated you and your pals when you were little kids, and they’ll never go out of style. They’re literally just frozen sugar water with flavouring, but what could be more alluring than that on a sweltering day, poolside, with a gummy of your choosing. And two, cannabis-infused Freezies will soon be on Delta 9 store shelves. Which means, if you aren’t already…

You can be cool and stoned at the same time.

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